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Has your path to language fluency felt like this?

AI language practice
Copy how language buffs learn languages fast, thanks to Bubblz’s humanlike A.I. chat technology.

Are you tired of traditional language learning methods that leave you stumbling in real-life conversations? Discover Bubblz — a revolutionary approach to mastering languages.

Featuring instant corrections and suggestions for more native-like phrasing, Bubblz leverages the power of A.I. to simulate immersive conversation practice sessions, providing a unique and effective way to master languages.

Whether for travel, work, or personal growth, Bubblz effortlessly adapts to your level, always ensuring a perfect balance between challenge and skill.

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Why artificial intelligence?

Revolutionize Your Language Practice with A.I.

Ever wished for a language practice partner available 24/7, offering real-time feedback and tailored conversation? Enter A.I.

A.I. has transformed how we learn languages. It adapts to your proficiency level, basic to advanced, and provides personalized, immersive language practice.

With A.I., rote memorization and repetitive drills are a thing of the past. Engage in dynamic, meaningful, and tailored practice sessions.

Bubblz solves the biggest challenge with learning a new language: not enough opportunities to talk with native speakers. Now I have as many conversations as I want, 24/7.
Peter Alduino
Expat, Polyglot
Bubblz allows me to have endless, real-world conversations. I never would have thought AI could be a conversation partner, but now I actually prefer it to human ones, lol.
Jane Martinelli
Intermediate Spanish Speaker

How Bubblz makes you fluent faster

Tell us your native language and the language you want to practice, and watch as Bubblz crafts practice sessions tailored to your unique learning needs.

Humanlike Conversations

Experience conversations that feel real with Bubblz. Our A.I. mimics natural human dialogue, making your practice sessions lively and authentic.

A.I. That Adapts toYour Level

Bubblz's A.I. meets you where you are. It customizes each interaction to match your language level — from basic to advanced — ensuring engaging and effective practice.

Instant Corrections

Receive on-the-spot corrections from Bubblz. Our A.I. instantly identifies and fixes your errors, helping you learn accurately and efficiently.

Native-Like Suggestions

Our A.I. helps refine your language use to sound more native. Bubblz guides you in using idiomatic expressions and local phrases, enhancing your fluency.

Four ways to get conversationally fluent with Bubblz

Module 1

Role-Play Chat

Tell us your native language and the language you want to practice, and watch as Bubblz crafts practice sessions tailored to your unique learning needs. No more one-size-fits-all approach!

Module 2

Topic Chat

Engage in discussions on chosen or custom topics. The A.I. chatbot is programmed to keep the conversation flowing and your language skills growing.

Module 3

Translation Practice

Select from various role-play scenarios or enter your own, translate the A.I. chatbot's statements, and receive real-time corrections.

Module 4

Check My Text

Perfect your language skills as you type in text and receive corrections, along with native-sounding alternatives.


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Ditch the traditional and step into the future of language practice. Try Bubblz for free today and experience language learning like never before.
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