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Formality Inconsistencies in the Translation Module

We’ve identified an issue in our Translation module affecting learners of languages with formal and informal pronouns, such as French and Spanish. The Lifeline feature may produce responses that inconsistently use formal (vous, usted) and informal (tu, tú) forms. This inconsistency affects the learning experience by not maintaining a consistent level of formality.


  • Spanish Learners: May notice alternating use of tú and usted forms.
  • French Learners: Similar inconsistencies between tu and vous forms.

Furthermore, our error-checking process might not correct mistakes related to these formality inconsistencies, although it will still address grammatical and spelling errors.

Actions Being Taken

We are actively working to refine our algorithm to better recognize and apply the appropriate formality levels consistently. This update is aimed at enhancing accuracy and consistency in your language practice.

We’re Here to Help

Your understanding and patience are appreciated as we work to improve this feature. For assistance or to provide feedback, please contact our support team.

Thank you for using our app for your language learning journey.

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