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Voice Input

The Voice Input feature in Bubblz leverages cutting-edge speech-to-text technology, allowing users to respond to prompts and engage in conversations using their voice instead of typing. This feature is an exclusive offering available in our Premium Plus and Ultra plans, designed to provide a more natural and intuitive way for users to practice their target language.

To enable Voice Input, start a chat session and tap the gear icon next to the text input field.

Voice Input is especially beneficial for learners aiming to improve their pronunciation and spoken language fluency. By speaking your responses, you get to practice the pronunciation of words in real-time, just as you would in a conversation with a native speaker. This feature not only enhances your speaking skills but also aids in better listening comprehension, as you become more attuned to the sounds and rhythm of the language you’re learning.

The inclusion of Voice Input in our Premium Plus and Ultra plans underscores our commitment to providing a comprehensive and immersive language learning experience. By simulating real-life conversation scenarios and offering immediate feedback on your spoken responses, Bubblz aims to bring you closer to achieving language proficiency in a way that’s both effective and aligned with how we naturally communicate.

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